Hunterdon County Roof Cleaners offers affordable, professional roof cleaning for your home, office or business. The owner started power washing in the 1990’s. By 1999, he devolved a full Property Management Business…painting, power washing, carpentry and outside property maintenance. In 2007, Kevin Trusheim developed his own no pressure roof cleaning equipment and proven roof cleaning agents that turn biodegradable from 24-48 hours. The roof cleanings are instant! HUNTERDON COUNTY ROOF CLEANERS are the FIRST NO PRESSURE ROOF CLEANING BUSINESS in Hunterdon County.

When you hire us remember this…we are a small, detailed business. You will be dealing with the owner/operator from beginning to end! We do not send $16 an hour uninsured workers to your house. We follow OSHA safety rules and regulations! Call Kevin today and inquire about roof cleaning or any other house cleaning service!

Call us today at 908-894-5441 to discuss your roof cleaning needs.